Amongst the most important regimens to keeping your house clean is to properly maintain your floors clean. It is recommended to clean your floors regularly, with the easiest way to do this being sweeping or vacuuming. Depending on how often the room is frequented, it is a good idea to sweep daily. Since vacuuming is more thorough, it can be done less frequently. Besides this basic way of cleaning, it is also important to wash your floors; however, the method to exactly do this can vary depending on what kind of floors you have. Here are some tips to clean various types of floors:

  • Tile flooring – when it comes to tile cleaning, mopping is ideal, but the most important aspect (that most people seem to forget) is to clean the grouts. Mopping the tiles with a chamois mop and a store-bought tile detergent is good enough to clean the tiles: make sure, however, to regularly replace the water in between cleanings (or you will be mopping with dirty water, which can lead to the creation of a thin film of dirt on the floors). The grouts, on the other hand, will require a dedicated grout cleaner. After applying the product, make sure to leave it for the recommended time, and then scrub the grouts with a toothbrush or similarly thin brush.
  • Carpets – if you have carpets as flooring, you might want to know that it is going to be somewhat more difficult to clean them. However, nowadays, there are helpful products for carpet cleaning belconnen, such as cleaning powders and shampoos for carpets. Whilst cleaning powders are quick and easy to use, overuse can lead to build-up (so make sure to not rely on them only). On the other hand, shampoos do not lead to build-up, but they require time to dry off as you will be washing the carpet. Either way, make sure to vacuum the carpet after applying either product to remove it from the carpet. Using a deodorizer after this every once in a while can ensure that your carpets emit a pleasant fragrance.
  • Wooden flooring and parquet – when it comes to wooden flooring, the best product to use is none other than tea! Put two bags of tea in a litre or so of hot water and let it cool down. With the solution, you simply have to mop the flooring; it is a good idea to dry the floors with dry bush afterwards as too much moisture can harm the wood.
  • Vinyl flooring – with regards to vinyl flooring, you should mop the floors with warm water. Dilute some sodium borate in the water before mopping for best results. For more information please, click here.carpet-cleaning-services
Tips To Clean Your Floors
Tips To Clean Your Floors

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