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Phuket is a pretty famous tourist destination in Thailand. It’s well known for their budget accommodation, offshore islands, white sand beaches, and more! However, with thousands of tourists flying in and out at any given day, there comes many tourist traps you should be aware of.

The garments you find here are pretty cheap, and travelers buying bulks of fake branded garments, bags, jeans, shorts and even undies is a common sight. Although you can get things for cheap, durability of these items are questionable. Things you find in Phuket are very limited not in quantities but in terms of the choices.

Thailand is well known for its zesty thai cuisine, yet Phuket is not the place to be if you are looking for a gastronomic Thai journey. You can find thai dishes at few roadside huts, but don’t keep your expectations high. Then again, you come across more international food than Thai cuisine. Japanese, Lebanese, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, and Indian; you come across many of these Italian restaurant than Thai ones.

The best time to visit Phuket is from December to March, when the climate isn’t very humid, and the weather is just perfect to keep you relaxed. During this period, temperatures will range between 24C to 32C. The hottest period in Phuket would fall from April to May, with temperatures going up to 27C to 36C. June, July, August have a tendency to be the period with heavy showers with days of bright sunshine. September to October is the monsoon period to expect continuous rain if your travel dates fall on this period.

As Phuket is a tourist paradise, you may see more foreigners from everywhere on streets than locals. For this same reason, you will find many affordable luxury accommodation options in Phuket. From luxury resorts to budget hostels, you are guaranteed to find a decent accommodation option that fits your budget right.

Phuket is well known for island hopping tours, where it will take you to different islands for tours or water sports. These 1 day island trips are exceptionally interesting as well, and most tourists love them. But try to avoid booking these tours in advance. An island hopping journey will cost you half of what you will pay if you book it online. You will find many tour organizers along the beach or even your hostel will be able to arrange a trip for you.

Travelling, without doubt, is one of the most famous hobbies. Most of the time it is a passion and a lifestyle rather than a hotel. Many travelers are backpackers and budget travelers. There is a hidden pleasure in travelling with a backpack rather than enjoying the company of luxurious crowd. When it comes to budget travelling, accommodation costs limit a lot of travels. Most of the places that offer accommodation are based on travelers’ needs and today, we can find a huge amount of budget accommodations with decent atmospheres. Followings are the most common types of budget accommodations and if you are planning to go on a trip, these ideas will help you.

Bed and Breakfast, also known as B&B, are the most famous type of accommodations in past few decades. Most of these places are operated and managed by their owners themselves, so you will get a more personal touch in every aspect, including room styles, food, and even company. These are comparatively cheap with hostel private room and most of these hotels are equipped comfortable rooms with affordable prices. Another important feature in B&Bs is privacy. Unlike other shady motels, almost all the bed and breakfast places offer a good privacy to their guests. As the name itself implies, most important feature is the breakfast. You can stay the night and have a delicious breakfast depending on your room rates. Also, these places offer a good parking spaces, phone calls, free Wi-Fi etc.

This is another type of budget accommodation and is famous among budget travelers. This is a little bit more expensive than typical B&Bs and they offer a more professional service. While B&Bs are operated and managed by owners themselves, these places are under supervision of a qualified staff. These accommodations offer their guests a wide range of comforts including, but not limited to, TVs, coffee or tea makers, mini bars, free Wi-Fi and attached bathrooms. One con in these places is that most of them are not located along hiking routes. They are usually situated in small towns.

One of the most famous budget accommodations today is the hotels near mbk and they are getting more famous rapidly as well. These are the ideal choice of thousands of trekkers, hikers and backpackers. They are very cheap compared to other accommodations and they offer a decent comfort as well. These places are famous because of the unique experience that you can get with other guests. You will definitely feel like you are staying in a fun filled dormitory and that is why these places are famous specially among the young crowd.If you are planning to go somewhere this vacation, you should check these type of accommodations. They will provide you a brand new set of experience and also, they will save you a good amount of money as well.

Your summer holiday is a time to have lots of fun, loosen up and to make memories. You can do a lot of things on your summer holidays because you have free time, the sun is out and you won’t have any obligations.

You should loosen up

You summer holidays will give you a chance to loosen up and get rid of all your stress. You can look at holiday rentals at West Perth so you and your friends can go on a trip. You can find good ones at Short Rental Perth, they will be comfortable, clean and they will also give you more independence than motels or hotels. You can also get a short term rental from them. They can provide you with a place that is spacious, private and a place that will make you feel like home.

Look for activities to do outside

You should spend your summer holidays outdoors. You must take advantage of the sun. There are lots of things that you can do outdoors; you can go to the beach, play sports, go for walks etc. You can spend the day with your friends at the beach. You can do lots of things at the beach like sunbathing, swimming, building sandcastles and playing catch. If your beach allows you to take dogs then you should take your dog if you have one. This is a great way for your dog to get exercise and you can also pass the time by playing Frisbee with your dog. You should stay active during your summer holidays and not be lazy, you can start playing a sport to keep you busy and to keep you fit. You can also clear your mind by going on long walks. Long walks can be therapeutic and it will be great to do when you want to get away from people for a while.

Enjoy the food and drinks

During the summer there will be lots of food and drinks sold that will keep you cool. You should take advantage of this and enjoy the fruits, ice cream and all the cool drinks. When you go out of your house you should be on the lookout for food and drinks that will keep you cool. Ice cream will be very refreshing and you can enjoy your ice cream or even a cool drink while doing different activities. When you are on your long walks an ice cream or a cool drink will be the companion that you need. You should take advantage of everything that the summer will bring you.