The cement rendering is not a new technique but it has a long history and over the past centuries people have been using these techniques in their construction. The countries and areas which specifically have more concrete work on the houses then wood work use cement rendering as an essential. Although, all around the globe the cement rendering Sydney is done in different style which may not be is the same as the other countries and is local to the specific region style. It may include different kinds of styles and colors.

If the cement rendering is categorized then there are major two categories. One is the traditional cement rendering and other is known as the acrylic rendering. In traditional cement rendering there are 3 components which are mixed together in different ration to be applied to the wall. The mixture consists of the sand, cement and lime. The lime is the very important component since it is the component which makes the wall more durable and whenever wall is dried up it keeps the wall together and prevents the cracking. Different kinds of cements can be used and these three components are the basic elements. More and more elements could be added to the mixture which could increase the adhesiveness of the cement rendering. The sand that is used is also of two types. One is the fine sand which is mostly used for the top layer for finishing and the second is the coarser sand which can be used for the layers that are not the top. The procedure that is used in this is very much similar to the procedure that is carried out in the painting. To make sure that the mixture sticks to the wall firmly the wall is first cleared off from all kind of dust and particles.

As the rendering Sydney works on the three basic elements for the adhesion the acrylic rendering introduces some other elements to the mixture which are used to increase the adhesion and the finish. The polymer is also added to the mixture of the cement in acrylic cement rendering. This offers very advantages than the traditional cement rendering. The addition of extra element makes the cement rendering stronger and makes it resistance against water. Not only this but their area of application is also increased and these can be used in all kinds of surfaces including the concrete paneling as well. These provide the smoother texture than the traditional cement rendering.

What Are The Types Of Cement Rendering?

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