There was a time in history when construction was not the easiest thing to do. This is not mostly due to the scarcity of the used materials but due to the conditions on which the constructions had to be done. But with the introduction of the piles, the entire industry took a whole new leap of success. For years, it was concrete that dominated the field of piling, until a better alternative came into the picture.

These were screw piling and they started to write a whole new chapter in the construction industry. Today, the use of this option is trending rapidly and there are many reasons why you should settle down for them already. Here are some of the reasons why you should try this instead of traditional concrete piling.

Increase ease of installation

Once installed, these piles are more or less hidden. It makes them quite unique. But what makes them even amazing is since it is extremely easy to install them. A typical screw piles installation will be needing the least number of laborers and machines since it is that easy to get them installed. The only barrier that would be there is the poor nature of soil which applies to entire piling context. In such a background, this should be given a higher priority at all times. Given how easy it is, it will not take half the time that concrete piles do. If you are interested about screw piles installation you can visit this website

High performance

Due to the natural characteristics of the steel, they will be able to perform better. Although there will be reinforcement in concrete piles, they will not be able to perform as good as these options since it is the concrete that withholds the compression.

Cost effectiveness

These piles as units is cheap, in addition, it takes least installation cost as well. Mind you, there is a huge difference between the ease and the cost effectiveness. Because you will have to afford it in the end of the day.

Minimum disturbance to the environment

One massive disadvantage of concrete in-situ or pre casted piles is that, they disturb the surrounding areas too much. When it comes to the rural areas with a lot of natural habitat, the damage it will do to that would be immense. Given how packed it is in the urban context, you are likely to be disliked by your neighborhood even if you were building a commercial complex. Unlike the past, the rules are too tight, and you do not want to come out as a nature-destroyer at any cost.

The Best Alternative For Concrete Piles And Why You Should Go For Them

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The Best Alternative For Concrete Piles And Why You Should Go For Them

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