Wide shoulder coat hangers

Customized closet is a fashion in the current era. It is up to the user on how to set, design, maintain, and extend his/her closet by making it more functional and spacious for personal essentialities in clothing stuff. This can be done by introducing different small to large structural additions like hangers, knobs, racks, rods, etc. Most of the cupboards existing in homes are provided with all these facilities which make it an ideal room for number of clothing material. Wide shoulder coat hangers are commonly found designs that add more strength to the visual look of the cupboard as this can be temporarily and permanently used to hang and display overcoats and sweaters. Similar to these are the accommodation hangers which are the most traditional and old addition to the closets and cupboards, keeping the wardrobe items organized like no other. The hangers are also widely used for overall closet arrangement considering the technical perspective of air circulation among the huge piles of clothes. This prevents items to grow mold on them and keep it safe for longer time.

Wide shoulder coat hangers

Some of the hangers are customized in accordance to the outfit that is needed to be placed over it. The same applies for the wide shoulder coat hangers, as these are comparatively huge and wide in comparison to the usual hangers. These hangers normally do not fit in small-sized closets and require larger space to accommodate in. Clothing racks often are found to place these wide shoulder coat hangers on them as they have room for many such large wardrobe structures.

The competitive advantage that shoulder coat hangers have over others is that the design of these hangers is apt to evenly distribute the overall weight of the garment. It avoid the collar, drapes, suits, coats, shoulders, etc. to stay in their tailor-made shape, without any wrinkle.

Accommodation hangers

Closets are not only provided with sections and racks for arranging personal clothing accessories in an organized manner. There is also the addition of rails which are space to allow the accommodation hangers to be placed on. The main use of these hangers is to keep the clothes protected of any contamination or mold growth, stay ironed, tidy, and maintain in the best contour state.

Accommodation hangers is supported by horizontal cross-bar which can place shirts, coats, jumpers, pants, jeans, gowns, maxi, tops, suits, etc. The metallic or wooden hangers are the most commonly manufactured hangers found in closets and cupboards. Often, hotel servicing involves the facility of hangers for their guests which is one of the most important part of the housekeeping.


Wide shoulder coat hangers are specialized hangers which are personalized for hanging long over coats which are shoulder wide. These are wider and larger in size in comparison to the common hangers. The accommodation hangers are found in rails installed in closets. Plastic, metallic, and wooden hangers are the most common examples.

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Tailor-made Wide Shoulder Coat Hangers

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