Populated and cultivated areas need proper contaminated land assessment program for maintenance purposes. Along with this, air contamination assessment is also necessary which is usually done by asbestos testing primarily in industrial areas. Both of these practices are essential to be carried concerning the cleanliness and quality of the surroundings.

Need of Contaminated land assessment

A contaminated land is referred to an area flooded with left overs and trash above and under the surface. This type of polluted place requires immediate remediation through regular contaminated land assessment. A contaminated area needs to be look after due to the high risk of presence of dangerous and hazardous materials or chemicals that can pollute the earth surface. This is especially needed at times of buying and selling of the construction sites to validate the quality and exposure of the air and land environmental risks.

Contaminated land assessment is a type of planning approach set up by environmental agencies or the local authorities. The main aim of contaminated land assessment protocols is to check and monitor the land ailments and to reach out the person responsible for it. If the land is polluted over a large scale, they investigate it to conclude a regulatory plan to resolve the contamination issue. This helps the owner, investor and the engineer to know the details about the land design. Contaminated land assessment along with geological technical monitoring is done in supervision of structural engineer and technicians to ensure the stabilization of the land.

Need of asbestos testing

Asbestos is a carcinogen known as silent killer, usually emitted by furnaces, chimneys and large industrial sectors that reduce the air quality. Asbestos is itself harmless when is in shape of compound, but when released in air can clog inside the lungs causing serious respiratory disorders. To avoid such consequences, asbestos testing is carried, which is commonly termed as asbestos air survey. The most basic way is to carry the trial in residential areas to ensure the safety of the residents from released asbestos. Asbestos management survey is a common survey. Two basic concepts are used for evaluating the credibility of asbestos testing:

  • Phase contrast microscopy and
  • Transmission electron microscopy techniques

They are popular means used over the globe to assess the quality of air and the presence of asbestos. These are the following cases in which asbestos testing must be done to overcome any future issues:

  • To monitor any demolition site
  • To begin any renovation plan
  • To check old buildings for traces of asbestos in surroundings
  • Conducted a trial after resident’s complaints

These are some everyday issues that require a proper asbestos testing program to keep the occupational and residential areas clean from asbestos. Such a survey is conducted by a team of asbestos expert inspector and his personalized team.


Contaminated land assessment and asbestos testing are the basic requirement of any place. The public and private areas should undergo these strategies to understand the site history, present condition, previously conducted activities. Therefore, for the maintenance of a land ground and air assessment has become a necessity.

Necessity Of Contaminated Land Assessment And Asbestos Testing
Necessity Of Contaminated Land Assessment And Asbestos Testing

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