Indoor plants are a great way of making your home more welcoming. It also helps in purifying the air, improving your health and overall makes your home a comfortable place. However, you must also take care of the plants to ensure that they are healthy, and getting the correct amount of water and nutrients. This article will give you some key guidelines on how to take care of your indoor plants.

Take a look at the soil
The soil in your potted plant must have just the right amount of moisture, so that it is not too dry or too wet. This can inhibit the plant from growing and damage the roots. It is best to uninstall a dehumidifier Sydney if they are in the room as this may absorb too much of the moisture in the air and cause dryness. The best way to determine the water content is to research on the specific plant and following those guidelines. For example; succulents need periods of dryness in between watering. Make sure to empty the pot from excess water, as standing water in a pot can often kill the plant.

When it comes to watering your plants, make sure the water is at room temperature. Warm or hot water can cause root damage and kill the plant while cold water stifles any future growth and vegetation thereby causing dormancy. You can buy humidifier to help regulate the amount of moisture in a room however a hand-held moisture meter will give you accurate readings of hydration in the soil itself. These can be bought from any home and gardening store.


Good drainage
Always select a pot that has good drainage as this will determine if over or under watering your plant will damage it or kill it. Ensure that your pot has holes at the bottom so that excess water can seep out.

Adequate sunlight
A plant’s basic requirement of sunlight helps them undergo photosynthesis, therefore getting adequate sunlight is crucial. Furthermore, the intensity of the light, duration and quality all affect the growth of the plant. It is always recommended to give plants indirect sunlight rather than direct, harsh sunlight so putting them in a well lit room with plenty of natural coming in will work best. Flowering plants typically require 12-16 hours of light per day while foliage and other green plants 14 to 16 hours per day. Once you place a potted plant in the room, avoid moving it around a lot as plants tend to be slow in acclimating themselves to their surroundings. For more information, please log on to

4 Best Ways To Take Care Of Indoor Plants
4 Best Ways To Take Care Of Indoor Plants

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