A process server is the one who works on behalf of a party or an organization. The task of a process server is to present or serve important documents or legal documents to the court. The government of all the countries are equally strict. No matter, it’s an underdeveloped country or a developed country, rules and regulation can’t be altered for any of the citizen If a person is bounded to present a file or document in front of a court then he has to follow the restriction and should be present on time.

The time of a government is so much precious and they can’t afford delaying in time so punctuality should be there. Because government and courts have al bunch of tasks to do in a single day and they can’t just sit and wait for a single person.  Then, comes the role of process serving Australia people. They work on behalf of their client as they also can’t afford delaying in time. If they do so, they might get the hearing date after couple of years.


There are multiple reasons that people themselves unable to go to the court and they hire a person in between who can go ad do their tasks whereas they are free to do their own jobs.

Following are the reasons that people hire process servers

  • Accident:

A person met an accident, he is on a bed rest. There s no one around who knows the legal abundance. Neither, he can trust blindly to anyone who can go to the court and present the valuables so it is better to hire professionals who are specialized in the respective field.

  • Out of Town:

A person has to go to attend an important meeting for the office and the date that he has been given is a clash then he is not having any other option other than asking for people who can work paper work as well as presenting the file and documents to the court.

  • Exhibitions and Seminars:

A person knows the importance of seminars and exhibitions who works in an organization and wanted to pursue in the same organization. These events allow people to meet new people as well as learning from a different perspective. A career-oriented person is not willing to skip a seminar. So, he hires a person to go at his place to the court and settle down all the legal matters.

It is not as easy as just going to the court, present the document and the work done. We have to do a lot of paper work and research, it takes a lot of time and strength. Coastal Mercantile Pty. Ltd has been providing their services in Melbourne. We have experiences process servers who can deal with all sort of maters at good prices.

Why Do People Hire Process Server?
Why Do People Hire Process Server?

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